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My name is Dana Warner, and right off the bat I have to tell you how much I hate writing about myself.  I would rather stay annonomous with this whole thing but some friends reminded me that a lot of people want to know a little something about who is putting this kind of content out.  So I thought I’d share a little of my own story through skepticism to THE Truth.


  • Always knew ABOUT God
  • Met Him in high school
  • Sought fulfillment in others
  • Embraced skepticism
  • Wandered aimlessly
  • Fully surrendered to God
  • Became a student of the Truth

I was born and raised (mostly) in “the South”, AKA the Bible Belt.  For those of you that don’t know, that means there was never a time that the concept of “God” was not in my mind.  Believing in God’s existence, even believing in the events of the Bible do not necessarily mean that you have a relationship with Him – and I did not.  I was a good kid though and looking back now I can say, there was always a pull in my heart to my Maker.

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Wander – to stray from a path; to go aimlessly

After years in the public school system, my parents decided to send my twin brother and I to a Christian private school.  Here I encountered, for the first time in my life, people that had an outward and genuine relationship with the Lord.  I quickly realized that THIS is where I belonged and I threw myself into everything God, church. and the Bible.

I loved Jesus but I was immature and did not understand what it meant to let Him be my everything.  Once boys entered the scene, my insecurities and weaknesses made the perfect battleground for my heart.  My faith lost and in turn I lost everything about myself that was good.  After high school and emotional trauma, I entered a relationship that would bring me to a wall of spiritual understanding that I could not scale.

For the first time, my beliefs were challenged and I had ZERO knowledge or wisdom to be able to answer for what I said I believed in and stood for.  My faith crumbled under the weight of the skepticism and doubt that arose and I chose in that moment to stop following God until He gave me the answers I sought.

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Finally Surrendering and Becoming A Student of the Truth


I gave myself over to emptiness and the indulgence of the things I wanted in the moment, giving little to no thought of the consequences.


Slowly, the shine of that kind of self-centered lifestyle dulled and the tug of the true and comforting love of God began to pull at my insides.


I did not quit all the mucky things cold turkey.  Studying Earth Sciences at a liberal university just made my spiritual mind cower even lower and actually stunted my intellectual growth.  But over the course of a few years my heart softened to the things of God, and I found myself unable to go any further without Him.


Once I told God I needed Him more than I needed answers to my questions, the answers started to come.  Why do bad things happen to good people?  How can the Biblical account of creation be true if scientists say evolution is true?  Why did Jesus HAVE to die, why couldn’t we be saved some other way without Him dying?  So many seemingly impossible-to-answer questions.


The Lord began to lead me to some amazing and solid teachers that did not shy away from the hard topics.  For the last decade I have filled my time and my mind getting to know the Lord through His Word and gaining a clearer understanding of the things of this world, history, science, theology, etc.  Though I have shared what I have learned with friends and others in my life, the time has come to spread the Truth and cast my net even further.

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My husband, David and I have four crazy awesome kids whom I homeschool full-time in the deep south of the United States.  We live in the “country” on ten acres of woods for our crew to explore and run wild.

We attend a Calvary Chapel – this church has been instrumental in deepening our faith and stregthening our bonds with brothers and sisters in Christ.  If you need a church with solid theology, find a Calvary Chapel near you.

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