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god wants me happy
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These Conversation Cards are extremely helpful when it comes to interacting with the skeptic, critic, or unbeliever.  They are a wonderful resource for any church to use and utilize in order to spark a dialougue with those searching for truth.

Our church has used them for outreaches, events, and we encourage our congregation to take a stack and hand them out whenever God gives those opportunities.  I highly recommend ordering these conversation cards as a resource to help answer Biblical, theological, and practical questions when it comes to the Christian faith.

I love how the QR codes on the cards lead to a further answer and explanation to help the seeker to grasp and further understand the answers.  I highly recommend!

Pastor Mike Sternad

Lead Pastor, Calvary Chapel Mobile

About Us

Seek Truth Here is all about filling the need for eye-catching, thought-provoking, conversation-starting tangible resources.  These cards link to high quality curated sources for truth and answers to many difficult topics for the Christian/Biblical worldview.

Use them, hand them out, leave them around town, just start seeking Truth and engaging with others about what you find.

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